Zen meditation and Tea Ceremony in Sanshoji-temple!!

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Hello everyone, how are you spending time during the quarantine?

Sadly we can’t guide you at the moment, but we are working hard to get lots of knowledge before seeing and guiding you :))

This time, we went to Sanshoji-temple to learn about Zazen and Tea ceremony in Nara prefecture.

First of all, when we do Zazen, we have to prepare our bodies by adjusting our posture and breathing .Then we have to correct our mind.

This was really hard, but these are important things in Zen meditation.

Have you ever heard “Sado “?

We call the Japanese tea ceremony “Sado”

It’s a Japanese traditional culture.

We are serving and having tea in Sado.

There are lots of detailed manners there, how to stand up, how to walk and so on…

Every slight action have a thoughtful meaning.

I couldn’t learn everything, but I now know that Sado is based on Japanese spirit of hospitality.

If you want to know more about Zazen, please click the link below!

Hope to see you soon! Please take care of yourself.

The practice of Zazen:

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