Greet with the guests from Mexico!

Greet News

【7th March,2019】

Hello,I’m Akari from Kyoto:)

I had a greet with a couple from Mexico on 7th March.I tried out for the first time greeting with the guests whose mother tongues are not English,so I was anxious before I met them.However,thanks to their cheerful personalies,I had a super lovely time!

We went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple,Gion area,the Bamboo forest and Kinkakuji Temple.We had udon for lunch and toasted with a bottle of beer.

In Arashiyama,we came across a happening that I lost my umbrella on my way.I lost my presence of mind,but they helped me look for it and we finally found it.

I can’t thank them enough,I’m missing them a lot.See you again in your country!